We Are Louder Fund

We Are Louder is the voice of the underdogs everyone roots for. In the fight for social justice, the winner will not be decided in a shouting match, but by what is done. The time for condemnation, judgement, and expressing disgust is at an end as exploitation of humanity continues in many forms: human trafficking, apartheid, gender inequality - the list goes on and on.

Now our actions must speak louder. The We Are Louder Fund will create music and art initiatives that enable the voiceless to speak volumes. By producing the most compelling content (music, immersive art, film, etc.), events, and products, we will raise awareness and funding for the best organizations that stand for social justice.

We are the sound of hope. We are the sound of triumph. And we will not stop until we penetrate every ear and realize as a community, we must educate ourselves and take the proper action to enable social change. And we must continue to do so until even in our softest whisper...We are louder.