Right now, over 1,500 teens are houseless searching for a safe bed in Oakland. In the next 48 hours 1/3 will be approached and exploited.

That first night being houseless is crucial. They need somewhere safe. Safety isn't found under a roof, safety is found in a HOME.  A home where there's a sense of TRUST, which starts with a safe bed, fresh food, cozy blankets, clean socks and underwear... the basics we all can take for granted.

Oakland's DreamCatcher is only shelter in Alameda county for houseless and trafficked youth 13-18 years old. They're building a home for these kids, but they need resources.

You'd be surprised by how something as simple as socks can make a difference.

Sign up below and we'll send a pair of socks to a DreamCatcher survivor, TONIGHT.

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